Getting Started With Photography ... Let's Get Personal Shall We?

When I first decided to make photography my profession I remember thinking to myself ... I have no idea how to put a photoshoot together. So my piece of advice for anyone just starting out? Just. Shoot. It.

Everything I have learned in school the past 2 years after shooting for 3 years before was that the best way to learn any new craft is through trial and error and ...  just going for it.

I researched, I practiced with my kiddo running around, I learned with an old Minolta 35mm camera (no auto choices for this girl!) and when I felt ready, I saved my money and bought an entry level DSLR.

This was what I created on my first photoshoot ever 4 years ago.

This is Bonni. She's amazing. She put up with me even though it took me nearly three hours to tease her hair, she had a strong dislike for all the clothes I had brought for her to wear (thank goodness she had a backup wardrobe) and we shot in an old high-school building without permission. Secretly,  I was terrified we would be kicked out at any minute but I didn't want her to know that of course.

Despite the editing or composition flaws like 'cutting' off her toes in the frame, etc. it is still to this day one of my favorite photos I've taken. This was the beginning of my passion for photography and it was one of the best learning experiences that I would have never learned in any classroom or by reading it online.

Over the last four years, my passion for photography has grown to different genres. As much as I love shooting editorial fashion, I love food and travel which has been the main reason I started this blog. It would have never happened if I didn't just run with my vision and work my hardest to create it in a visual anyone could see.

Life is about winging it and that's how most adventures start.
Wonder where it will take you next if you just go for it?

Wedding Diary: The Dillons // May 2015

You know those people that you meet and you instantaneously know that you are going to be friends?

The bride, Sara is like that. She has an infectious smile and playfulness about her I met a few years back when she was a makeup artist on a Frida Kahlo shoot I had a crazy vision of.

 Not only is she incredibly talented, but the amount of love she has for her husband Matt is clear to everyone who sees them together. Matt and her look at each-other like no one else is around, and it's couples like this that make me remember why all of the hard work put into capturing a wedding is worth every single second.

Here are my favorites from their wedding this past May.


Till the next time! 

Second Shooter: Mallory Walker
Reception Venue: The Carriage House in Pueblo, CO

The Fox Travel: Who Am I? Or Better Yet .. Who Are You?

I never saw myself as a blogger, even when I used to spend hours online writing poetry, posting comments on Livejournal diaries and scribbling with a pen in a notebook when I should have been listening to my history teacher.

I was gravitated towards writing because it was always the constant in an ever-changing world around me. I always knew that no matter what, if I had a pen and page in front of me everything would work out somehow.

So when I decided to make the leap and go to school for photography and really pursue my love of art ... I knew that somehow I would need to create a blog to showcase my work. However, it became a real tedious task for me. I would struggle finding the right things to say, the time to make any sort of entry for my clients and I found it ... well, horrible.

And I realized that just like any artist or person really, I was missing something that I was forcing; My voice. There was no emotion in my words in those entries, no true Lynnsey being written down in electronic web. I felt restricted in what I could say in case it wasn't professional enough, or in case my clients looked at me like I was crazy later on and thought, "Why would I hire this girl?" I wanted to talk more about my adventures and daily happenings as a single mom and then write about my client's wedding. I wanted to share my experiences of goal setting and converting over to being a minimalist. I also wanted a support system because I knew deep down that there had to be others out there like me. There had to be! Right?

So I created The Fox Travel. This is my little haven. My place where 'Lynnsey' can be heard and not be afraid to have a bad day, or share my personal interests and adventures with my son Ayden along with my photography work. This is where any single, married, confused and hopeful mother/father/friend/human can come along and feel like it's a safe place to rant and rave if need be. This is where you can get inspiration if you feel like you don't have the money to do fun things with your kids (or by yourself!), or you don't have the time to live the lifestyle you've always dreamed of.

So, if you choose to stick around for the new and relaunched Fox Travel, know that here you will be bombarded with some of the following:

*Travel tips/ideas for insanely busy people who need vacations but can't leave for weeks at a time
*Homemade and scrumptious recipes with some beautiful photos to go along with it
*A look behind the scenes of my lifestyle shoots, with tips for those who take photos themselves or who want to
*One gypsy-souled red-headed momma always searching for the next thing in life to conquer and experience

This is an adventure that I'm setting off on, a grand experiment of the sorts. And I hope you join me.

She's 3-D - A Fashion Editorial

Oh, hi.

You may remember me. My name is Lynnsey and I run this lovely little blog called The Fox Travel.

And I'm sorry I disappeared on you.

Every now and then we all need a break to reflect on personal things going on in our lives, and though I would have loved to channel that energy into writing entries for all of you, it just wasn't in my heart to write. And I never want to force anything so special to me.

So where have I been?

The last few months I have been focusing on some incredibly huge life changes and shooting, shooting, shooting. This past summer I focused on food photography and stepped away from portraiture. Now it seems to have switched up again and I've been shooting fashion or conceptual ideas every week. I'll start posting those soon, as well as updating my site.

During my silence I have been through a lot of ups and downs. Plenty of sleepless nights and plenty of random adventures into the forest. I shot too much film, I created short films and now I feel grounded and well enough to start sharing all of that with you all.

So that brings me to this shoot -- this was a bit of a process in terms of editing but I've always wanted to shoot something in 3-d. After plans with an illustrator didn't turn out the way I wanted, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to pull that creative hat out and make it successful. 

Model: Tatum Russo
Makeup/Hair: Patricia Castillo
Wardrobe: Courtesy of Buffalo Exchange
Photographer: Lynnsey Dunson Photography

She's 3-D - A Fashion Editorial
She's 3-D - A Fashion Editorial
She's 3-D - A Fashion Editorial

Video: On The Last Day

Urban exploring. Weeds and flowers. New life. Old life. Flight. Change.
We are all in the balance, and it's hard to be brave.

I went exploring. This is one of my favorite things I've ever created. Please enjoy it.